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Thank you for the interest you have had in our society and in our products. We are able to ensure the total protection of your private information during your navigation on our web site. Since the majority of our customers ask for the privacy's protection during the processing of private information, this request is by now an integrating part of our business organization.

The processing of eventual data during the navigation of our site will be done according to the actual Italian laws for the protection of private data. Our rules for the protection of data are applied in accordance with all the other company's rules of I AM ITALIAN.

This page contains links to some web sites of other Companies, for which we are not able to guarantee the same protection of data that we offer; however, we guarantee that we will process your data in a private way.

Data collection and protection

When you check our web site, your name, the name of the Internet services ' provider that you use to open the site, the web page from which you check the site, the date and the duration of the checking are saved on our Web server. Your private data will be saved only by authority received, that is if the registration is done or if you draw up a form to request for information.

Using and Transmission of private data

The private data are exclusively used for the management of Web pages, customers management and for marketing aim, only insofar as it is necessary.The collection and transmission of these data to the authorities at a national level is done only if the law in force requests it. Our employees are required to discretion, in order to respect our labour practice.

Data protection

In order to protect data, which are managed by manipulation, by loss, by distruction or by unauthorised access, the adopts precautions in tecnical and organisational field. These measures are constantly optimised, contemporaunesly with the development in technical field, that the company does.

Authorisation for information

If you request something, we will give you in short time all the possible information about your personal data, which have been placed on files on our web server, in accordance to the law in force. If the information at our disposal are wrong, it will be sufficient that you give us the right information and the information placed on file will be updated.If you have any dubt about the processing of personal data, you can contact our employee, who manages the protection of data and who will be able to answer to eventual requests for information, suggestions or claims.

The responsible authorised employee of the data protection is Elena Gecele

LEGAL INFORMATION (Legal decree 196/2003) I AM ITALIAN

We inform you that , in compliance with legeslative decree 13 196/2003, your personal data, which we receive for business relationships and/or for promotional activities or for relationships, which are the result of using our services, or have the aim to show some offers or to create some contractual relationships, are processed from us in an informatic or handwork way, of the following terms:

  1. fulfilments to law connected to civil, fiscal, accounting laws and so on; fulfilments to obligations, resulting from agreed contracts; technical assistance and support about the products and the services which you buy also after sale and after eventual period of guarantee if it is expressly expected; administrating management of relationships.
  2. marketing and references, information about future business initiatives, innovations on our products and/or services, offers, market analysis, stathistics.

Data processing will be done with suitable instruments, which are able to guarantee the security and the discretion, and could be also done with computerized tools, which are able to memorize, manage and transmit the data.

Such data are diffused from our company to our eventual sale network - assistance and/or distribution of services ( distributor, responsables and so on), or, for guaranteed service performance, to the producer of goods or to the company of services, which manages per count of production the guaranted services . Moreover we specificy that your data could be communicated to Fiscal Consultants, Banks and Financial Institutes, Legal Offices, in order to manage charge and payment, which come from the execution of contracts. In addition your data could be communicated, after sightseeings, verifications or requests, to the Financial Administration and to Agencies/Organisms which do verification and controls about the regular fulfilment to civil/fiscal obligations. We do not transfer these data nor abroad and neither in European Union. Having treated the commercial relationships, we will keep and process your data till you communicate the contrary. We want to underline that:

  • The processing of data, about which at the previous point 1 is obligatory and essential with aim of execution of Law's obligation and/or your adhesion to using our services and to the regular fullfilment of the contractual engagements, and also with aim of the correct fullfilment to civil and fiscal obligations, which are expected to be from the current law.
  • The processing, about which at point 2 is facultative, and, for this reason, if you deny there will not be any consequences; the only "consequence" will be that we could not ensure to you the information about innovations on our products and/or services.

The processing owner is the company agent, the processer responsible is: Elena Gecele , who is selectively resident, for this charge, by the office of the company agent. As to this subject are competing the laws, about which at the paragraph 7 of legeslative decree 196/2003, published in S.O. At G.U. 29,07,2003 n. 174.

Paragraph 7 of legeslative decree 196/2003
(Right to enter to personal data and other rights)

  •  Data subject has the right to obtain a confirmation as to whether or not personal data relating to him exists, regardless of their being already recorded, and the intellegible communication of such data.
  • Data subject has the right to obtain information about:
    1. The provenance of personal data;
    2. The aim and the ways of processing;
    3. The applied logic if processing is done with the help of electronic tools;
    4. The essential data of the owner, of the responsibles and the designate representative according to paragraph 5, comma 2;
    5. e) Subjects and categories of subjects, to whom personal data can be communicated or who have the possibility to know such data because they are the designate representative of the State, of responsibles in charge.
  • Data subject has the right to obtain:
    1. The updating, rectification, or when applicable, completion of data.
    2. The delation, anonymisation or blocking of data, which have been processed unlawfully, including those the keeping of which is not necessary for purposes for which they were collected or subsequently processed;
    3. A statement confirming that operations as per 1 and 2 above have been notified, as also related to their contents, to the subjects to whom data were communicated or disseminated, except when the provision of such information proves to be impossible.
  • Data subject shall have the right to object, in whole or in part:
    1. on legitimate grounds to the processing of personal data relating to him,even though relevant to the purpose of the collection;
    2. to the processing of personale data relating to him which is carried out for purposes of commercial information or advertising or direct marketing or else for the performance of market or interactive commercial communication surveys.